Is it possible to short the housing market?

Is it possible to short the housing market?

Yes, actually.

Currently, in Canada, Australia, the USA we are seeing a lot of people who believe we are in a hot housing market and lots of people think it’s going to continue to skyrocket.

Deep inside you, you know it’s going to come to an abrupt end.

Here is one thought that could make you a lot of money by anticipating this market turning abruptly south.

Step one locate a piece of land large enough to put up a set of condominiums or a high-rise building. Strike up a deal to purchase the property for current market value and get a contract to purchase in place.

Step 2 Find a good architect to quickly draw up the exterior of a building suitable for the property. Make sure it is a very good drawing and that it highlights the location of the property.

Step 3 hire a real estate agent and a marketing team to start building hype around the new building.

Step 4 have the architect draw up floor plans for each style of unit.

Step 5 Pre-sell every unit at today’s market value.

Step 6 start the build after every unit is sold.

We know the market will drop and we know that along with the housing market dropping the tradespeople who build these buildings will also have to adjust their pricing down as the market falls leaving extra money on the table because you purchased the property high and sold high but you will be able to buy the trades low, along with being able to purchase appliances, carpet, and furnishings at a price that shows that supply is up and demand is down.

Good work and you win in a faltering economy.

As I’m writing this blog in Nanaimo, Canada. Just over my right shoulder is an ideal property that has been sitting vacant for years. The property is downtown, on the waterfront, and overlooking a beautiful park.

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