When selling a home who should take the on the responsibility of making sure the place is looking it's best?

My answer, would also be the home owner.

We are talking about selling a home. We are talking about getting the most money in the least amount of time.
The home owner called you as an “Expert in Selling Homes” and they called because they no little or nothing about Preparing, Marketing or Selling a Home. If they did know, would they not have just sold the house as “For Sale by Owner”
The average home owner, does not know that their carpet needs replaced, that their colour scheme is out of the 1990’s, or how to take good pictures of a home.
Some “Professionals” will list a home for sale, take a few pictures with their cellular phone place a sign in the front yard and walk away.
Your competition will go further. They will suggest fresh paint, new flooring, professional photography, fresh flowers, proper staging.
What’s in it for your competition? Will they get more commission?
No. Here is what they are doing. They are building a Brand and a reputation. So that they will be the one call, the only call.
Word of mouth referrals are the best source of new listings and the best way to get word of mouth referrals is to go the extra mile and know that you are building your business for success today and into the future.